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This is Lord of the Rings confessions -- a blog where you can anonymously submit your opinions on anything Lord of the Rings, be it a casting choice in the films, something from the book, your ships, or even the fandom itself -- anything at all. Confessions can be submitted in the ask box.

Though we call ourselves LOTR confessions, also take confessions about anything Tolkien.

This blog was inspired by blogs such as Harry Potter Confessions and Criminal Minds Confessions.

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To the extent of my knowledge, red hair is extremely rare and only found in select Noldorin families, which presumably Jackson was aware of. Does this mean Tauriel is part Noldo? Or even related to the Fëanorians? It most probably won’t be commented on in There and Back Again, but I think it’s a great opportunity for some headcanons, fanfictions and fanart. 

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