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This is Lord of the Rings confessions -- a blog where you can anonymously submit your opinions on anything Lord of the Rings, be it a casting choice in the films, something from the book, your ships, or even the fandom itself -- anything at all. Confessions can be submitted in the ask box.

Though we call ourselves LOTR confessions, also take confessions about anything Tolkien.

This blog was inspired by blogs such as Harry Potter Confessions and Criminal Minds Confessions.

If you're looking for a specific character or book, the tag page has most of it sorted.

Enjoy the blog! :)

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Hey folks, I just blacked out my personal Tumblr until July 1. This will not affect lotrconfessions, but I’d like to share this in case there are other fans who’d like to join the cause.

"The purpose of this blackout is to draw attention to the impact that hateful messages and posts have in our community. These types of messages and posts have greatly increased in number lately, to the point that at least one blog has been deleted, and turning anonymous off has been proven not to be a surefire method of blocking this hate. By blacking out, we hope to encourage people to realize that this is a problem.

Not all Tolkien blogs are joining us in the blackout, and that’s okay. No one is obligated to do this, and we’re all part of it by choice.

We are not trying to punish anyone, we are not trying to blame anyone. We just want it to be known that all the recent hate is not unnoticed, it is not harmless, and it is not okay.

If you want to join us in our blackout, you can find a theme to use here, and we would love to have you.

We all love the same thing.
Please, stop the hate.”


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